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Time to Girl Boss Jewelry Set

Time to Girl Boss Jewelry Set

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Introducing "Time to Girl Boss," a captivating jewelry set featuring the empowering "Girl Boss Hoop Earrings" and the radiant "Time to Shine Necklace." The Girl Boss Hoop Earrings are a vintage-inspired marvel, crafted with precision from Titanium Steel and 18k filled Gold, adorned with dazzling cubic zirconia.

Complementing the earrings is the Time to Shine Necklace, a 16-inch masterpiece also fashioned from Titanium Steel and 18 filled Gold.

 Indulge yourself or gift this set to a special woman who deserves to feel empowered. With its timeless elegance and meaningful design, "Timed to Girl Boss" encapsulates the spirit of the contemporary, confident woman who embraces her journey with style and grace.


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