Frequently Asked Questions

What materials do you use?
All AMOR DEUS jewelry is crafted with high-quality materials: 14k Gold Filled titanium, 14k Gold Filled 925 Sterling Silver, 14k Gold Filled Brass, Platinum Plated Brass, Platinum Plated Copper, Titanium Steel, and Cubic Zirconia. All of our jewelry is nickel and lead-free.

What is the difference between plated Jewelry and Filled Jewelry?
All AMOR DEUS Gold jewelry is Gold Filled jewelry. The difference between filled jewelry and plated jewelry is the amount of material. Gold plated jewelry is a good quality jewelry but is usually cheaper due to less gold being used and more likely to tarnish, which may cause skin irritation.  AMOR DEUS's Gold filled jewelry is better quality, won't tarnish and is hypoallergenic, Allowing our AMOR Babes to get the longest and safest wear out of their jewelry. 

Is my AMOR DEUS jewelry water resistant?
AMOR DEUS jewelry is both water and sweat resistant. Although we do not advise continuous wear in the shower, ocean, etc.  through testing by me (Kahlia) I continuously wore an AMOR DEUS anklet for 13 months in showers, pools, oceans and everyday life in between and did not experience discoloration so have no fear there is no green here. Your jewelry will not immediately tarnish or change the color of itself or you. However as noted in our care section the more you do expose your AMOR DEUS jewelry to the elements it will slowly erode the layer of Filled Gold or plated silver and overall metal of the jewelry.

How do I care for my AMOR DEUS jewelry?
To keep your jewelry clean, wipe with a soft cloth.  Store each of your pieces in their pouches or by hanging them. Refrain from exposing your jewelry unnecessarily to water or harsh chemicals. Protect your jewelry by removing it while exercising, washing hands, and before applying perfume, lotion, or hair products. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product; however, if your jewelry should be exposed to any of the above products, tarnishing may eventually occur. Tarnishing can also be caused by the skin’s pH levels. Copper and Brass items are subject to tarnish faster than other materials. 

Will you restock out-of-stock items?
If an item is out of stock, it’s unlikely that the item will return in its original style but we may create an updated version. Our more popular items are likely to be restocked in original form. 

Is it safe to use your credit card on our site?
It is safe to shop on AMOR DEUS. We process all of our payments once your order has been placed through a secure Shopify system in addition to the availability of using PayPal.  

Can I get a status update on my order?
Thank you for your AMOR DEUS order. It typically takes 2-3 business days to process an order and ship it out to you. You should receive email updates as your order goes through the process, if you do not please contact us . 

Will I receive the tracking information once my exchanged item is on its way?
You should receive an e-mail notifying you when your order has been shipped. However, if you do not, please contact us.

Holiday Shipping Guidelines

Order must be placed before December 18th using Priority Mail (Standard) or before December 20 using Priority Mail Express to enable arrival before Christmas in the lower 48 United StatesOrder must be placed before December 16th using Priority Mail (Standard) or before December 20 using Priority Mail Express to enable arrival before Christmas in Alaska & Hawaii. Arrival before Christmas dates provided by the USPS and are subject to change depending on post office acceptance date and time, origin and other conditions. I will fulfill orders as promptly as possible to get your gift arriving smoothly. (2023)


If you have any further questions please contact us at or visit our Contact Us page.